Neuroscience of Kindness

2020 Art of Kindness Contest

A collaboration between The University of Texas at Dallas Center for BrianHealth Kindness Enterprise, Arts Technology and Emerging Communication, and Computer Science.

The Art of Kindness is an opportunity for students of all disciplines to engage with neuroscience in a way that is tangible. Given the incredible stress the COVID-19 pandemic is having on students, the Art of Kindness contest also provides a framework to reflect and process their experiences.

Fall 2020 Contest Details

Overview: this year the contest challenged students to create artwork using three main ingredients:

  1. A neuroscience of kindness research concept (example: connectivity, mirror neurons, reward system)
  2. A few art synectics prompts (example: combine, symbolize, distort)
  3. A single word that describes the student’s experience with the COVID-19 pandemic

2020 Art of Kindness Galleries

Gallery of Finalist Artwork